Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Monday!!

Did ya have a great holiday?! We sure did. We had a lot of fun spending time with our families and Noah had a blast opening up his presents! We didn't think he would actually try to open them but we sat him in our laps on the floor and with a little help he tore through all his presents and had a blast. Of course of all the cool noisy gadget toys and blocks and trucks and what nots his favorite is this little faux cd player that spins and stops and then whatever it lands on it has a little song. He just gets such a kick out of it! I got lot's of terrific goodies, no complaints out of me! Joe got me an MP3 player so I've been playing around with that all day and uploading songs and having fun with that. Plus I like that I can upload audio books. Me and Noah got some cool matching boots! I got a really nice new bag and clothes and a chocolate fondue thingy that looks really yummy and I can't wait to try out for New Years. Did any of you try to get some shopping done today?! I don't know what was crazier shopping the day after Thanksgiving or day after Xmas! I waited until later in the evening and avoided alot of headache. I still got some really super deals on new ornaments and xmas decorations to save for next year so I'm happy about that. On the bead front I have several sets started now I just need my attention span to last long enough to finish them up! lol! I've got a really pretty Valentine set up on ebay right now ending later this week and I'm hoping to be productive this week and have a few specials available and hopefully another new auction, that's the plan anyways. I'm working on some new jewelry pieces also. Lot's of cool new things planned for the new year! Yippy! I'm off for now to go upload all of our holiday pictures and curl up to watch a movie with Joe not sure which one we're watching yet but I'll let ya know how we liked it.

Have a great night!

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