Noah's baptism went terrific! He lasted all through church in his little suit but was in a quick hurry to get out of it right after :) All the excitement and go, go, go of the day totally wiped him out poor kid but he did great and we were so proud of him:) Pics to come!
We're ganna go visit Joe at one of his open houses today and then head over to my parents for a nice big lunchtime celebration, my family from Toronto will be leaving soon after:( Joe has a cold and I think I can feel my body trying to ward off his germs lol! I hope I don't get sick too.
I'm hoping to get up to the torch later but who knows I haven't decided yet if I actually feel like mustering up the energy to try and create something good:) I've got 2 sets on Justbeads.com a little experiment I decided to join fellow lampworker Lori Greenberg on. I would love for Justbeads to become the new ebay for beaders I think that would be so cool. I think I may add a few of my focal specials on there too we'll see if I have time if not it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I've got some running around to do before the open house and lunch but I'll be back on later with an update if I get anything listed. Have a great Sunday!


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