Sunday low down

We actually got snowed on! Not today but Friday, it was out of control all night and all day. Had to break out the scraper to clear off the cars. My windows were even frozen shut. It was the first day of the season for the snowblower and now today it's rained and melted it all away and now it's a big ole soggy mess. Anyhow we had probably one of the most fun Thanksgivings. Noah had a blast and was terrific even with it being such a long day for him he still was all laughs and giggles. We had a great time with family and played Scene It and can I just say it was my first time ever playing and I ROCKED!!!!! not to toot my own horn or anything lol! I think I may be even better at Scene It than at Pictionary! Me and Carrie can't be beat and the hubby's can't stand it. They really are crap drawers I think it's time for them to face the music about their drawing and guessing skills (or lack of lol!) Also played Truth or Myth and I gotta say I'm not so good at that one. Turns out that I'm a bit to gullible and quick to yell "Truth!" when in fact it was a Myth. Anyhow today I have spent ALL day getting things ready for the jewelry show I'm really excited about it. Joe made us a terrific Mexican dinner (my favorite!) I ran out to get some more cool displays for some of the pieces and finally took a break to relax and watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy and update here and now I'm heading back to price and inventory everything properly and I have a few more pieces to finish up between tonight and tomorrow morning. I've got goods heading out tomorrow so if you have beads on order and even some bridal they are heading out tomorrow. Also I'm still waiting on my baby update from Jimmy! Marsha went in to be induced Sat. Morning I still have not heard anything so I'm thinking it may be a long long labor like with her first:( but hopefully all is well and I'm sending her positive thoughts and prayers her way and I'll keep you updated on Georgia's arrival! I'm so excited! Obviously Marsha be MIA for a bit so the Contest page won't get an update for a bit but I'm still giving away things so keep the votes coming I really appreciate it so much and I'm also asking that since I am unable to put a new giveaway picture up right now that when you vote feel free to let me know what you would like to see as the next giveaway prize whether it be a certain pair of earrings or beads just let me know and then I'll pull a name Sat. Dec 17th and I'll take into consideration what your request was for your prize! So let's say you want me to giveaway beads and your email gets pulled from the bowl then I'll look and see that you said you want beads and I'll let you choose a set from the gallery and I"ll make you a mini set of like 5 or 6! Sound good?!
Same if you decide on jewelry! Also one last thing about specials I know that I've been super busy this week with the show and I havent' been on to update like usual and I got several of the specials gone but not marked because I'm a slacker so the first person to have emailed on those sets will be getting them right away and everyone else requesting the same sets I will start on your orders after the show Tuesday and since I won't be able to get new specials up until probably the end of the week or weekend next I'm going to keep taking orders on the current specials until the next specials update. Thanks for being so patient with me! I'll throw in some fun freebies for you all :) Ok enough with the jibber jabber I know there is more to say but I'll leave here for now and try to give another update tomorrow! Have a great night!
PS. I'm doing really good with my Chains of Love orders so it's still at approx. 2 wks for shippment on those if you order now. Thanks!


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