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on the Chains of Love necklace shown below: I am taking orders on this because I have gotten great interest in it. It DOES make a great christmas prezzie! So here's the dish on it. I will customize it to whatever length you request at no extra charge. Keep in mind that my lampwork hearts and beads are handcrafted so although they will look alike there is always slight variations (you may not even notice any differences but I gotta tell ya this anyways) and as long as you place your order for this piece by Dec. 5th I can guarantee it delivered well before x mas. (I'll keep the cut off date updated so you will know when to expect yours so keep checking back with me here on my blog for updates and you'll get a confirmation when you place your order) $65 with Free Priority Shipping Email me at stargirl@stargirljewelry.com to give me all your measurments and details and I may be kicking myself later on for allowing this but I am willing to change the color for you too if you prefer a different color just let me know email me and we'll work out the details!


Julie said…
That is a totally GORGEOUS necklace!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!
Marianna said…
Thanks Julie! :)

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