It was a dark and gloomy day...

And rainy, makes me wanna drag out my comforter and wrap myself in it and slouch on the couch all day blah! So anyways this is that piece I've been talking about that I've been working on it's a very simple and easy sterling silver chain maille style double linked and then I wire wrapped and added bali silver and linked up one of my rubino encased hearts and matching pixied spacer beads and tah dah! I call this one "Chains of Love". I really love the way it turned out. It had been playing in my head all last week and then I started it and set it aside and picked it back up again and finally it was looking how I wanted it too and so I finally finished it. So here's your sneak peek for the day I may have another one to come because I've been working on some pretty cool stuff. I haven't listed anything on ebay it quite a while and wanna still keep my presence on the bay as well as Justbeads so I'll let you know when I get something up I'll have bead sets up on both auction sites. I wanna build up my feedback and seller status on Justbeads. I still need to work on finishing up some specials that I started but haven't gotten around to finishing up yet I'm ganna have to squeeze in a bead or two in between beads for orders and see where that gets me:) My only problem is is that once I stop to play I get carried away and I'll forget to get back to work lol! I'm off to sort through supplies and crystals and get them all in their proper bins. Have a great day!


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