is that snow?!

why yes, yes it IS snow! Can you belive it? It's been flurrying (is that a word?) all day yesterday and today on and off and it's supposed to keep on trucking. Nothing that is sticking or anything like that but still it's snow! Today was just plain freezing cold out. Yesterday me and Noah didn't even leave the house. We opted for staying in our pj's all day. Nice thing about working from home, right? lol! Anyhow the wait time for Chains of Love (see below) is approx. 2 weeks. I'll also keep a wait time posted periodically on my shout box.
I started out my day firing up the torch and staying nice and toasty in the studio making beads all morning which is how I usually start off my day. I put up 2 new specials today and I have a bunch more that should be complete and ready to go this weekend I'm going to plan on Sunday. I have this jar where all my orphans, wonkies and extra's end up and I think I'm ganna have to get a new jar for my critters gone bad. Even though I don't show them all in my gallery because I don't want to feel like I have to make them I have a lot of critters that I make upon request. I'm not really into the sculptural thing, at least nothing with a face I try to leave that to the pros (Sharon Peters the one and only!) I'm always up for a challenge so I keep at it until I get it just right and in the mean time I've begun this funny looking collection of what I now call my Crusty Critters because they are just so funny looking. I have cat's that I forgot to add tails or ears on, animals with out feet, snowmen without noses but my favorites are the critters that started out to be one thing but somehow morphed into some unknow species lol! They definitly put a smile on my face. I still have my first fish, I attempted it on like my 2 or 3rd time ever making beads and it's the most hideous looking thing and it graces my bead pen and brings a smile to my face everytime I write something :)
I've just finished up my packaging and shipping for the night and even finished up 2 new necklace designs I've been working on. That's 3 new necklaces in one week! No wait! FOUR!!!!! I forgot about Chains of Love necklace! Yeesh, 4 new necklaces and I've only given you 1 sneak peek? Ok more sneak peeks, I'm on it! lol! Hooray tomorrow's Friday! See you then!


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