Happy weekend!

bwahaha a bit of end of the week humor. I love getting cute little bits of email like this to share:) Well I'm still trying to kick this cold in the butt and I gotta admit that I do feel a little bit better today and hopefully will feel even better yet tomorrow maybe even good enough to melt some glass! We shall see hopefully I can get some beadies up for you soon. I've got 3 auction up on Justbeads which so far I'm enjoying better than ebay I gotta say. It's nice it's like a bead community rather than a free for all of millions of listings to sift through that may or may not be HANDMADE lampwork or lampwork at all, everything on justbeads seems to be in their proper categories and such. So anyhow it's the weekend, I don't know what we have planned for the weekend but I'm sure it'll be something fun hope you have a fun one too!


Rogue said…
cute comic.

that concludes the upbeat portion of this post.

that's it i've had it i'm done.
i'm not making another stinking piece of jewelry and i'm shutting the website down cause there is zero point to wasting the time money and effort to continue. i'm obviously not wasting any talant since i apparently do not have any.
this is the fourth crafty type fair we've done and bombed horribly at. my mom is doing one right now and has not sold a thing and there's a booth across from her selling jewelry and she can't keep up with the sales. but it's not the same jewelry, it's just glass beads, not lampwork not gemstones not pearls and not silver just junk jewelry, handmade but still pretty much just junk jewelry. so really what's the point? no body wants nice genuine handmade jewelry, they certainly don't want to pay for it. so i am no longer going to be contributing to the craft anymore. do you hear me?! pointless! i can't figure out for the life of me how anybody even sells online either and some of far more than what'd i'd ever dream of charging for a piece yet it just flys off the shelf.
no sense no sense, it makes no sense!
Marianna said…
oh stop it! you know better than that! You'll feel better once you have the baby and can breathe and move again. You're just a pregger head right now and the hormones are eating up any bit of sanity alive :) teehee...
Marianna said…
tell jimmy to rub your feet and feed you icecream you'll feel better in the morning. Watch a little Sex in the City I know that'll cheer you up.
Rogue said…
bah humbug and hooey i say.
i've felt this way for a while, before pregnancy took over my rational judgement not to mention foul mouth.
i'll go read that chain maille article again, maybe i'll even email that lady, see where that gets me. hopefully not another u know who incident.
Marianna said…
well you know who was a fluke because normal people would have been much much nicer and normal and she's just mean and full of herself and I still can't believe the things she said to you AND plus just look at the things she sells anyhow and then picture them on her customers and have a laugh because she must have quite the lot of characters that buy from her and that's a totally different scene. Still just can't get over how rude she was. It baffles me.
Rogue said…
yes, i will never look at a hand puppet the same.
jim henson must be spinning in his grave by now.

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