Feelin the fall...

The leaves are changing full on now I think I sort of take it for granted living up here in Michigan but lately I've actually stopped to take notice and am amazed at colors! Noah baptism is this weekend. I have a meeting at the church later this evening and family coming in from Toronto that I'm excited about! I love it when then visit! Anyhow you may not here from me much until after the weekend or just quickies here and there. This week I've been working my usual bridal orders but at the torch it's been nothin' but focals! I've been having fun doing up some of my flare beads on a larger scale as well as cones and hearts. Yes the anti sculptural me likes to make hearts I can't help it I like to decorate them and make them all pretty lol. I added a second page of specials today because the thing about yahoo is they don't allow for very big pages and I don't like everything to look so crowed so I'm bringing on page 2! woohoo! I've got some focals on there and a new set I just put up today as well as a new mini poll! I love the mini polls and seeing as quite the many of you enjoy them and voted I now know that you all like me to keep my sets at 5-7 with the occassional 10+ and you like focals as well so there ya go! viola! lol! I've got one more focal to put up in a bit if I have time it's another heart and it's gorgeous I'm completly in love with it and the way it turned out. I think I'll get pics done before I have to go so I can get it up there for ya later this evening. Ok I'm off for now!


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