cleaning site

Image hosted by Photobucket.comyep lot's of work being done on the site this week. Marsha is about to hatch and I'm still a Frontpage reject so it's a biggie update for a bit at least. I've got several orders I'm working on this week as well as a review deadline and working on some specials woohoo! busy week! I've been on a focal craze I may have to do a page of stickly focals lol! I may even have some super cool vessels to offer if all goes well. Tink from blackswampglass has given me the vessel itch. She's amazing and lives like a half hour away so I see a Tink learning session in my future :) I've dabbled in vessels and I have to say they are quite fun to create and decorate. So anyhow, I've got some things updated. SOLDS marked and 2 new listings on you can find those on my bead specials page I think most of them are on Page 2 but there are links all over the place too. So anyhow I'm heading off to work on some brochures and catalogs to showcase my work I'm doing for local clients gotta love that word of mouth and referrals! Have a great day!


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