Up at the crack of 10am...

to head up to the studio to make beads. I felt the creativity bubbling so I fire up the torch get out some of my new glass and get to work however, sadly I don't think I made anything worth showing ya or selling ya :( I'm not quite sure what happened or where I went wrong but maybe I didn't , I could be getting ahead of myself here but only time will tell so we'll see here in alittle bit if any magic was created.
Yesterday being Columbus Day meant no mail , boohoo, however the good thing about holiday no mail days is that the next day when delivery resumes it's like a mail explosion! My mailbox gets overloaded and I get showered with goodies and supplies and fun stuff ( just toss those bills aside! lol!)
Today I've been working on a fun, new and strangely relaxing new endeavor Chain Maille bracelet making! It's almost like knitting with sterling silver in a weird way. I'll have to remember to post some pictures of how it's coming along.
So I didn't get everything on my super duper long To Do list from yesterday however I did get alot accomplished and I even managed to get two new bracelets done! And that wasn't even on my list!!!! lol! Today is going to be dedicated to getting birthday prezzies wrapped (Tomorrow is my sister Joanne's B day and Thursday is my SIL Laura's B day!) book review work and proofing done, chain maille fun time and then jumping over to yesterdays list to work on some more of those things. Well I'm off to play with the baby! He's so much fun and is constantly cracking up all the time now! So funny! And he's always staring at me waiting for me to do something amusing anything at all just to give him a reason to squeal and laugh and make noise. I'm pretty sure I'm his bestest friend lol! It's still being debated between me and Joe lol! Have a great day and I'll try to get some pictures of the chain maille project and maybe even some sneak peeks of yesterdays new designs!


Anonymous said…
Are you kidding me with that picture??? LOL he is too cute and seriously is he almost 3 months old already? UGH!! Too fast TOO FAST!! Oh my gosh I know exactly what u are talking about with the beads, Sunday was a horrible day for me. Nothing I made was worthy of selling everything was all just eek it's like I was so totally off that day! I HATE that! What a waste of glass!!
Marianna said…
lol! He's so loveable! 3months is just around the corner its nuts!!!!
Yeah what a crap waste of glass I got maybe 4 good beads out of the mix whoopity do what a way to crush my creativity for the day rigt? lol! bummer

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