Friday, October 28, 2005


I'm so glad it's Friday! This week has been such a crazy busy week everything has been non stop all day long all week long and by the time I get winded down at the end of the day there has been something else to do. I've been working on lot's of picture retakes for my bead gallery and my bridal collection. Only a few need to be updated in the bridal but I'm trying to update a lot of my beadies to represent my capabilities, talent and improved skill level of bead making since I first started over two years ago so after looking at my past beads I realized" wow I've really improved and changed my style quite a bit I think it's time to update the beadies again!" lol! I'm finding it fun yet hard to copy myself. It's strange and yet I'm having fun redoing the sets and changing some bead styles around a little and maybe adding to certain designs etc. It's a lot of work and I'm doing them in between orders and beads specials and Jewelry orders so it'll be a while before I get them all how I want them but soon enough :)
We took Noah to get his pictures taken today. We were supposed to take him last week but it got pushed back because he was to get some of them done with my nephew Dennis but it was difficult to coordinate schedules and finally today it worked! He has such a blast, he was hamming it up and having so much fun but he is so worn out lol! So while he's taking a long nap I plan on getting some packaging done, some work on some new jewelry pieces and a nice long chat in with you guys. Oh! before I forgot I also a while back opened up an account on JUST BEADS and never really used to to sell on yet. It's been around for quite a while now and it's an auction site that is for what else? JUST BEADS!!!! lol!!! There's been a ton of talk on the glass artist boards about utilizing more as artists because ebay has upped their fees and now the lampwork category is swamped full of crappy mass produced crap beads and our actual art handcrafted glass beads are getting lost in the shuffle and drowned out by the crap bead sellers (ie. AH) and so I plan on starting to offer up beads on now and ebay so we'll see how it goes. Everyone I know who has been using justbeads is loving it and doing well and the fees are awesome. Corina is supposed to be having an auction site up that is similar to the just beads however there is some controversy about it because they haven't quite figured out a way to get it so we the sell can get payment for the items we sell as well as the site get their fees and so far the only way to do it is for the auction site to get paid and hold our payment and then cut us a check each month and mail it to us and I"m not really down with that part of the whole thing or with the fact that even though the sites fees are cheaper than ebay the payment will end up getting double processed in some cases and there for encuring a paypal fee twice:( I think they are still working out the details so in the mean time just beads here I come! lol :) ok so I'll be running around all weekend most likely not really sure of specifics but I hope whatever your plans are for the weekend that you have a wonderful weekend!

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