Presenting the debut of my Paint Parlour

It's here! It's here! I'm so proud to present to you my Paint Parlour !!! I'll let it speak for itself and let you read the blurbs in the parlour to learn more about my work. I'm very proud to finally bring it to you here on the web! Marsha as always is amazing and created the perfect layout to display my art, round of applause and many thanks chica! So I'll leave to explore the parlour if you wish. I hope you enjoy it and the rest of your weekend! I'm heading off to get some dinner and finish up some laundry it's going to be a girls night tonight since the guys are having one of their poker parties, Noah will get to hang out with us gals and watch videos and listen to us chatter like hens. Thanks for stoping by!


Marianna said…
it's beeeeaaaauuuuttteeeeeefuuullll mrs. potty mouth! I'm ganna go dance around the house singing the new paint parlour ditty.
Rogue said…
there's a ditty?
i don't remember their being a ditty when i put that thing up.
Marianna said…
you must not have been able to hear it over all the cursing lol! oh and thanks for the visual now I keep picturing like a bird hatching, ah the way my mind works, it's scares even me sometimes :)

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