Not so magical but still pretty!

I'll have a new set up in bead specials probably tomorrow or monday. I brought out my Raku. I dusted it off and was determined to get some good beads made out of it and although I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a lot of the magical colors out of it that I want they still turned out pretty cool I especially liked encasing it. Your supposed to literally try and fry it in the flame like totally burn it bad in order to get it to strike and I think that was the only reason I got what little strike out of it that I did. I started a another set earlier this week it's a x mas set I plan to work on for ebay but its no where near what you would expect for xmas if that makes any sense. I guess I should say it's my "interpretation" of xmas. I have a ton of sets started for ebay so I'm just working on them here and there in between orders and bead specials. As soon as I get a good idea or inspiration stuck in my head I run up to the torch to make at least one or two beads to get the set started so it's stuck in my head and I can see if I still like it or need to tweak it or what. I finished up one of the sets I've been working on for a while for ebay I hope to have it up tomorrow. Well I just came down from torching and now I'm in major need of a snack. Hope you are having a great weekend! It's freezing here!!! brrrrrrrr...


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