Monday, Monday! Who sings that song?! It's driving me nuts!

We had a terrific weekend. We took Noah to the Erie Apple Orchard to get pictures taken in the hay and pumpkin patch (I'll try and up load those on his next nap time) and we each picked out a pumpkin and little bitty baby pumpkin for Noah :) Then we had our friends Mark and Carrie over for some fun grown up time. It was nice because we're all so busy all the time it's nice when we can make time to get together and visit. I got some cool glass from her too and I got a TON of new glass in the mail today and it's lot's of new and special and odd lot colors so I can't wait to play with those! but it's fun having a fellow lampworker so close by and to get to trade glass. So Carrie I've got some really saaahweeet colors for you next time you come over! I may have a few more auction up later this week we'll see how my beads from last night turned out or I may make them out into specials so we'll see how it goes. PLUS the new glass! So maybe yeah I probably will have some good stuff later this week! ok I'm ganna go finish up some baubley bridal orders and get things packaged up for the PO tomorrow! I'll be back on later with pics! Have a great one!
PS How awesome was Desparate Housewives last night??!!!woohoo! and the scenes for the next? HOLY COW!


Carrie McKinney said…
HEY! Just saw all these pics!! HOW CUTE!! I need to take the kids out there for pics too. :) Glad u like the glass and holy cow I can't wait to see what u got! Yippee GIMME GIMME! LOL!

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