Monday Low down

Had a great weekend! My little sweet pea turned 3 months old this weekend! How crazy fast is time flying? I can't get over it. For the past week he's been sitting right up on his elbow when he's on his belly and rolling over and then trying to get back to watch the tv or to see where everyone is at and who's watching him show off lol! He's hilarious!
Went shopping this weekend and it seemed like the malls and shops were jammed packed! And it seems to get worse and worse every week like people are already starting to flock for their holiday shopping maybe? I still scored some pretty sweet shoes. They weren't the ones I originally set out to get to go with my pants for Noah's baptism I'll have to search for those this week but I couldn't pass these beauties up they really wanted to come home with me lol! Joe thinks I'm a nut and can't quite figure out what my obsession with shoes and bags is.
I finished up another special a cute little xmas one that I really like the way it turned out. For some reason I enjoy the more non traditional shades of xmas colors these remind me a little like Grinch beads in the colors used. I've got a set of the Raku special started for ebay trying some really cool things with it and so far I like it a lot so that's another set I'll have to make extras of for myself lol! add that to my long list of things to do, right? lol! alrighty well I gotta get back to putting some new jewelry pieces together and doing some retakes of some bridal pieces as well so I can work on pictures the rest of the night and tomorrow. Have a nice night!


Julie said…
I loooooove your stripey Christmas bead!!! :) It is perfect!
Marianna said…
Thanks julie!!!! I had to keep telling myself to stop at a certain point with that one cause I tend to overwork them and then the stripies get all swirled or crooked when I don't want them too lol! I'm itching to see your vacation pics!!! Especially the Galapagos ones!
Julie said…
Yeah, I know I still need to get my vacation pictures posted. :P School is just keeping me way too busy right now. But I hope to have them posted soon!!!! Just keep bugging me about it!!! :)

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