Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

is busy working on one of my latest endeavors that I've been working on and planning for quite some time now. It's almost ready for the big reveal! woohoo! My Marsha lurves me so! She keeps my site so purdy and spiffy and awesomely cool and original. All I have to say is "Hey I was thinking about something like such n such but I'm not really sure what exactly or how to explain it." and she so wonderfully replies "Lemme see what I can come up with." and then as if she's crawled up in my brain and read my mind she shoots me a link to a page in the works and low and behold it's always exactly and even above and beyond spectacularly what I was thinking, hoping for and wanting. I'm spoiled don't think I don't know it cause I do! lol!
So the b day party was great! We had a lot of fun and great food! I won't say how old my sister is because I don't think she'd like that too much lol! What is that saying about never ask a woman about her age or weight? well the older I get the more I understand the reasoning behind it :)
Well the big reveal is almost complete and as soon as I get the thumbs up from Marsha I'll be back to annouce it and introduce it and so in the mean time I'm ganna go work on some new jewelry pieces that I've been working on so I'll be back later or tomorrow sometime! Have a great night!

PS. Here a picture of my Chain Maille Bracelet in the early early stages still!(see above)


sue said…
hi :) i ran across your blog because i did a search for lampworking. i also have a beadmaking business. i was reading about your yahoo book club, and am wondering how that works, and how i could check it out to see if i'd be interested. i'd love to see some of your beads and hear more about your business.

Marianna said…
Hi Sue! Thanks so much for stopping in! Here's a link to my Bookgroup

and here's a link to my website. this link is direct to my lampwork gallery :

I'd love to see you beadies!! It's always soooo nice to chat with fellow torchers:) Do you have a website? or do you sell on ebay?

Even if you decide that BookMasters isn't for you I hope you stop in often and chat books with me here:) I try to do a readers corner entry once a week or so if I can were I write about what I'm reading and I'd love to hear about what you're reading.
Talk more soon!
Dawn said…
Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for the nice email! I'm doing much better! I was so glad I was able to work today!
Anyhow, your baby is adorable. I can't believe how big he is! Enjoy every second because it goes too fast!
Your ebay set is awesome!
Talk to you soon!
Marianna said…
Aww thanks Dawn! I'm soooo glad to hear it's not broken! That's so cute how Kaitlyn is like your own personal little nurse lol! How cute is that! Noah is growing very very fast he just amazes me everyday with new things he does it's so much fun!
Rogue said…
you have no idea how spoiled you are. i've been lobbing curse words at your site for 2 hours now.
you should be able to announce an update within the hour.

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