later that same day...

Hey all, Noah is doing great. He's been a little fussy a lot tired and so we've been cuddleing with him all day long. I've used nap times for bead cleaning time and have put together several sets from all the beads I've been making all week they are really pretty sets LOT's of encased beads and more frit yep I got another shippment of frit this week. I'm sooooooo addicted to frit I tell ya! especially having fun encasing it it just looks so pretty in transparent glass. I've got a few more cell phone charms done up last night and so I'm hoping for some nice weather and good lighting so I can get pictures done up in the morning and have them all up in the afternoon for ya! Hey check out my cafepress store and look at the bib and onesie I created lol! It's too cute and for all those beader mom's if you want me to customize one for you just let me know and I'll hook you up. I just thought it was so cute. I've also added a few other ones with some of my different logos and some even have a fun Bead Queen saying with my logo. There's lot's of fun stuff.


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