Tuesday, October 04, 2005

just for fun!l

I've opened up a cafe press store with Star Girl logo-ed gifts and goodies! You can visit and purchase if you like by visiting http://www.cafepress.com/stargirlshop
fun stuff!


Carrie McKinney said...

HEY! HOW DID U DO THAT? I WANT TO DO THAT!! I want a jacket and a ton of other stuff. I want one with your stuff on it too how cutteeeeeee! HOw is poor Noah?!

Star*Girl said...

Noah is doing really good. He's fussy but not too bad I know it could be alot worse so he's being sweet and cuddley in between his little whiney periods but even his whining is cute cause he sounds like a little kitty cat lol! it's funny!
Hey check out what I added to my cafepress store... the bib and the onesie look what's on them lol!I'm so ordering those for sure! hehe