Jibber jabber...

The Chain Maille is complete! I love it love it love it! and I have it so you can customize your own I'll have more details on that bit later.

This is Noah's new "my mommy makes beads" t shirt and his walk like a egyptian I've been caught red handed look. lol!

I got nothing to say except I've got a review to write, beads on the brain and some major orders both bead and bridal to fill so I will have to have my big epiphany rant entry tomorrow or perhaps later tonight if I can. I will leave you with more pics instead.


Carrie McKinney said…
hehe he is so freakin cute! I never get to see him awake though!!! That is hilarious the pic with the arms all crazy too funny. I miss the little baby days! I need to post more pics on my blog I never think of it!
Star*Girl said…
LOL! you need to come over earlier that's when he's playing and giggling non stop. Poor kid get's his picture taken for every little thing he does but I just can't help! He looks like he got busted doing something he should have in that pic. like
"who me?!" LOL !

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