Monday, October 10, 2005

Gloomy Monday...

Scrapbook has been updated! I totally cannot remember if I already posted an update like this or not lol! Also yummy new earrings and bracelets . Plus I also have new items avaiable in the MISC. and moved more items into the Sale Bin for you to enjoy!
Well I hope you all had a great weekend! Our weather here in Michigan is really starting to change more and more each day. We finally had to break down and kick on the furnace because especially at night time it's pretty darn cold. I've broken out the sweaters and jeans for good and packed up my summer clothes and all of my summer footwear and purses and brought out all my scarves and boots and bags. My mom's birthday and parents 32nd wedding anniversary weekend went well and was a lot of fun. We all went out for a nice big lunch to one of my favorite restaurants on Sat. then they did their big Opera night out which they LOVED and then sunday we did a big BBQ dinner after everyone's open houses (we're a family full of realtors.)
I've got beads to clean, a few jewelry orders to put together, some shipping to work on, emails to answer, pictures to work on, a baby to bathe and a review to proof read. Yikes! I guess I better head off and get to work lol!

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