Bead Specials!!!!

I have two new bead specials up. I have them priced special because these are two of the sets I did for my redo pictures and then they will go back to their original price once they are gone and I take special orders on them. I also have my "Bubbles" auction ending. It was too late for me to go in and revise it with my new pictures of those but I did tag a new and more acurate and vibrant picture to the bottom of the auction if they don't go I will relist them with their new pictures to better show their true beauty. I am loving my new photo system set up with my light box and lighting system it makes for much better clearer pictures that show the beads more true to color than having to try and wait for a nice clear day and then still try and adjust the brightness and sharpness with photoshop to get them to look like they really do in person with my new system there is very minimal need for tweeking. Plus with most glass colors I use the background stays pure white making the beads look like they are floating so the focus is more on the beads themselves without them competeing with any background and I love that look I think it looks like some fancy smancy photoshoot and I don't have to do the masking layers crap through photoshop to get that look because that is a super duper pain in the behind to mess with lol! it's awesome, I'm happy! So HERE is the auction link! and HERE is the bead specials! email me if you see something you like and I'll be back on later with some more sneak peeks! Plus "Roses" from my Paint Parlour is already SOLD but be sure to check out my other works or if you are really set on Roses I will customize something similar for you.


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