Welcome to the world baby boy!

Hey you guys! well Sunday morning on my way to my MANY usual bathroom visits my water broke so off to the hospital we went as the contractions started up right away. Got there at 6:30 ish am labored horrible contractions until 11:30am finally the "Happy Docter" came and gave me my epidural and Noah Joseph arrived at 3:28pm Sun. July 31st at 6lbs 3 1/2 oz. and 20 1/4 inches long he's is perfection and we just got to come home today we are both doing terrific I'm sore of course but doing very well so I thought I'd scooch on over to the computer really quick to let you all know while my DH the proud new daddy is cuddled with our son. I'll post links to some pictures soon! I'm exhausted and glad to be home and I'm off to go rest and enjoy my son.

PS. Orders are still on schedule because while I wait for shippment of supplies to arrive to complete current orders I can rest up and recover so no worries everything will still be on time if you are concerned about your order. Thanks!!


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