Hey guys! Sorry the blog chats have been few and far between but I've been catching up on orders, sleep and then spending the rest of my time smothering my little guy with kisses. What is it about that wonderful baby smell and those chubby cheeks, he's just irresitable! The big custom order I've been working on is coming along awesome. 12 strands of swarovski's and the best part is that the awesome customer it is being created for has chosen 12 different colors and a bunch of them are specialty colors that are a bit hard to find and they are the coolest colors from Swarovski that up until now I have not had the pleasure of seeing in person. A few of my new favorites are the White Opal Star Shine & Meridian Blue. So anyhow I'm off for now to go cuddle up with Noah while we catch the rest of GH and watch the finally of "Soapstar" before heading off to tuck up in bed. I'll have some pics of some of the new items I've been working plus Marsha is adding some of the latest pics of Noah to his baby page soon, Thanks M!!!
Have a great night everyone!


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