It's Thursday already?! Sorry I haven't been on as much. I've actually been setting aside some time for orders and have had a very productive week! Made a big post office run and goodies are out and on their way. I'm now working on Oct. and Nov. Bridal orders so I have a little bit of time before those need to be out and I have lot's of new goodies and supplies and new tools on their way that should be trickling in in the next several weeks I figure by the time I'm ready to get back to the torch! So I'm excited about that. Thank you for all the wonderful emails Noah is doing great and I'm not doing too bad on sleep either! So anyhow I'm also working on some really cool custom orders so I'll have some pics of what I'm working on coming soon. I'm off for now to grab some late lunch and take the baby for a stroller ride around the neighborhood since it's perfect weather for it today, it's actually not hot for once! woohoo!


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