Hooray it's the weekend! We've got a few things around the house planned for the weekend I'm excited about. I LOVE home improvement projects and power tools and Joe didn't trust me with power tools while I was pregnant so I sat on the side lines supervising and itching to hammer a nail or drill or miter or anything! well now's my chance so I'm going to start by painting the back door and get rid of all the scuff marks and then we're ripping out the railing on the front porch and putting up new railing and finishing up some trim work in the studio. Fun stuff! Speaking of the studio I have been having a blast at the torch. I was a bit worried that almost 10 mths away would put a damper on my technique and style but nope it's like riding a bike! lol! Plus Joe ordered me a bunch of new goodies as a bit of a push present so I've had happy mail days every day this week with a ton of new presses and bead stamps and tools and glass and I've been spending my early mornings playing at the torch before it gets too hot while Joe does his male bonding time with our son (which means they are laying around on the couch flipping back and forth between ESPN recaps and game show network it's probably only a matter of time before I come down and find them both with a hand tucked into their waist band in the traditional Al Bundy fashion lol!) So anyhow once I'm done experimenting and playing I'm sure I'll settle in and get some sets done. I started one in particular today that I think I may throw up on ebay to get myself back out in the auction world and get back on the scene. Well I'm off for now to play catch up on emails. Have a fantastic weekend!


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