TGIF!!! New Auction up!

Happy Friday! I had no clue that it was Friday already until I looked at the calender and realized that DH Joe's Birthday is TOMORROW!!!! yikes! Note to self: must get up early and head out to the mall tomorrow. lol!
So anyhow beady news, I've been back at the torch playing around for a couple of weeks now but this week is my first week of bead worthy list worthy sell worthy beads and so today I listed another set on the bay. Here's a pic and a
Image hosted by
This was a fun set to make. It's larger than I usually make probably because I used so many different colors and shapes and was having so much fun with it I didn't realize I had made so many :) Now go bid! lol! I'm trying to build up my beads for bead specials but in the mean time I'm also trying to keep things up on ebay so I can rebuild my status in the bead world since I've been MIA so I decided to start them all at .99 and see what happens.
Had a fun day today! My friend Carrie from CEM lampwork swung by and hung out with me and Noah for a bit. It's always fun to chat about beads and techniques and new tools etc plus compair "mommy notes." My friend Megan and I were chatting the other day about maybe starting up a little bit of a mom's group for one night a month to do something like play bunko or some sort of game or have a movie night or something just to let us mom's have a little grown up time so hopefully we can get something like that started up soon. It would be really nice especially for our winter months because it's too cold and dreary and yicky to do anything else except hibernate. :) Anyhow since tomorrow is the hubby's b day we're going to go out for a nice dinner. Noah's first restaurant outting hopefully they go as well as his other outtings. He seems to enjoy himself or sleep through everywhere else we take him so fingers crossed that this goes as well. Sunday if the weather permits we plan on taking the baby for a nice stroll through a grand opening of a big new subdivision that my mom's company has as a client and has a big open house walk throughs extravaganza planned so we're hoping to take part in that. Anyhow I'm off for now to give the baby a bath and settle down to fill orders for the night. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
HEY! I love the NOah pictures what a cute idea! He is so good and so sweet. It was fun visiting tonight & I read what you wrote about a mommies night and I hope you do that and invite me because I would love it! Love your beadies too, I am tempted to bid on them so that I can have your first beads since being back on the torch! :) Talk to you later!
JustMe said…
How is your friend in Mississippi, Marsha.
Did she leave? We are keeping her and her family in our prayers.
Marianna said…
I'm not sure where she's at. I haven't been able to get through to her. They're in my prayers as well.

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