Noah is 1 week old today!

I can't belive it 1 week old already! It's been terrific. He is a terrific sleeper but we're still exhausted because although he sleeps well I can't seem to stop starring at him long enough to go to sleep myself lol! I'm still a bit sore but doing well and while Noah cuddles up with daddy or naps in his bouncer I've actually gotten work done on some orders! We've had a constant flow of visitors coming over to see our little Mr. Popular but today has finally be a nice day of quiet relaxing and hanging out in front of the tube for a bit and it's even been a really gorgeous day so I decided to sit outside for a bit of fresh air enjoying a nice summer breeze. Thank you for all the wonderful congratulations and well wishes and thoughful emails. I really appreciate it. I have a ton of emails to respond to but probably won't get a chance to all at once so bare with me I try to get some done throughout the day so I won't leave you hanging. Well I'm off for now to grab some dinner and give the little guy a bath and hope that he aims for daddy again lol! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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