Monday already!

I can't belive it's been 2 wks already! Noah is 2 wks and 1 day old and DH Joe is back off to work today :( It's going to be so strange and a little nerve racking driving with Noah in the car and not sitting in the backseat with him like I have been doing every time since he was born:) Joe bought me a mirror thingy so I can see him though so we'll see how that works out :) We've had a great 2 wks of relaxing, bonding, movie renting and watching and quite a few mini outings with the little guy so the 2 wks flew by. In beady news I've got new tools and gadgets and glass and gizmos trickling in so as soon as I'm healed up a bit more I'll be back at the torch and offering lot's of lampwork specials I'm figuring maybe in the next 2-3 wks. I'll keep you updated. Also a good dear customer Christy whom I've done several gorgeous custom pieces for has me working on some really drop dead gorgeous custom pieces for her again so I'll have some show and tell pics soon. This time around we're going for the 12 strand Swarovski necklace that I had done custom for another customer (see bride's scrapbook) and we're tweaking in and doing a different color for every strand with matching 12 strand bracelet and then accessorizing it with matching earrings and anklet and ring! Oh what a set it is seriously going to be gorgeous that's a whole lotta blinding bling. I LOVE working with Swarovski's! I've caught up on some more orders and will be making a PO run today so keep peeking in your mailboxes for your goody orders. Well I'm off for now to grab some lunch and get the little man dressed to head out for some errands.
Have a great day!

PS. I forgot to say also to check out on the storefronts main page for Noah's baby page! Marsha did an awesome job creating such a cute page for me to show off my little guy. It looks like a page out of a scrapbook it's sooo cute! Thanks Marsha!!!


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