Wednesday jibber jabber

Yippy! Wednesday means Dancing with the Stars night!!! I really hope Kelly Monaco wins she's my all time favorite day time actress and I'm totally addicted to GH and now to the Dancing with the Stars show lol! Anyhow I still have to get pictures uploaded sneak peeks and otherwise. I've been totally swamped with trying to finish up bridal orders for the month early (just in case, ya never know when Noah will decide to make his grand entrance lol!) I'm also trying to get regular jewelry orders out the door asap and any jewelry orders that have sold out and have been re requested remade and out the door asap so that means lot's of trips to the post office. I have a few sets of my lampwork beads sets set aside for myself to create some new bracelets for the Top Floor collection. (PS. Haven't gotten around to getting SOLDS up just yet but FYI: Shake Your Groove Thang is SOLD)
Even if they sit and collect dust for months upon months, whenever I create a set of beads that I just can't bare to part with I end up making an extra set for myself so that I can create with them and then they usually end up in my bead bowl collecting dust waiting for me to get to them and so I have a quite a few sets that I've been meaning to get to and create with and so I think I'm going to sit down and start on a few of those today. As usual I'll post progress pics as soon as I get a chance. I've been getting up soooo early for the past several weeks it's quite strange for me really but I very much like it. It gives me extra hours to get some much needed work done so I've spent the past several mornings working on my book reviews and getting my deadlines in for those and awaiting my next shipment of books to arrive. I'm excited for my stack this week because I get to do an author interview for one of the books which will go both to Time Warner books as well as Fictionaddiction so that's super cool and a really great opportunity for me as well! What's on my night stand right now? Shrimp by Rachel Cohn - YA read, easy light and fun. What's traveling in my purse with me everywhere I go? The Virgin Blue by Tracey Chavelier - Terrific author I have enjoyed all her works so far, she also wrote Girl with a Pearl Earring which I LOVED and highly recommend. What can't I wait to be released next Friday? HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE!!!!!!!! I absolutely cannot stand the wait!!!! It doesn't come out until Saturday really but Megan and I are heading out Friday night to wait in line for the midnight release!!! For every HP release I've always done the midnight show down it's so much fun and so worth it. So I'm heading off for now to get back to some beady designing. If I manage to get my pics uploaded I'll be back later if I don't get a chance to today then have a great day!


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