Just a quickie for now! sorry I haven't gotten on to update sooner it's been a busy week but in case you thought I went into labor I haven't I'm still waddling around lol! I'll try really hard to keep updating even just little chats everyday so you'll know what's going on :) I finally got one of my BIG orders done so that's a load off my mind knowing that they're on their way and the others luckily aren't rush so I'll work on those accordingly. So anyhow I just ran in for a quite update and quick bite and now I'm heading out to watch the foundation wall forms go up I think they'll be pouring the walls tomorrow! It's fun getting to be the camera woman :) Have a great day!


wobbeegone said…
Congratulations Joe & Marianna!
Baby was born Sunday at 3 something in the aftn and I failed to get other important vital statistics, such a bad friend.
But all 21 digits were accounted for and as soon as I get some pix they will go up on the Star Girl website!!!!!!!!!!
JustMe said…
Another Angel to grace the earth.
Julie said…
Congratulations, Marianna & Joe!!!! I hope you & your new bundle of joy are doing very well...This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Many hugs to all of you!!!!!!! :)

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