Thursday- I'm working on it!

I'm working on some really cool lampwork jewelry pieces today. There will be some earrings and few bracelets when all is said and done. I'll try to get some sneak peeks posted here for you to see. I'm also working on uploading the other pics of things I've been meaning to show you so stay tuned for those they're coming! Are any of you guys scrapbookers? I've always used glue adhesives but recently discovered Wacky Tak glue dots and can I just say they work like a dream and are so clean and easy and fun to use, I've actually wacky tak-ed a few things around the house non scrapbook related lol! Also we finally ordered our loveseat I'm really excited about that. We got all new furniture 2 years ago or actually new couch and chair and ottoman but our loveseat that we had was only a little over a year old and it matched so we kept it but it's been bugging me because it's more mission style with high arms rather than traditional round low arms like the couch and chair and so we finally just went in and ordered the one to match the rest of the set so that is getting upholstered to our fabric and will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks so I was really excited to finally get that out of the way. Did you catch Dancing with the Star's?! Hooray for Kelly Monaco! I was woohooing and clapping at the t.v. I was so excited that she won! Bring on the next season, I'm so addicted now! lol! So I'm off for now to go grab me a snack and settle back in to get some work done. Have a great day! I'll leave you with the Happiness Fairy. Enjoy!
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JustMe said…
Just wanted to let you know I think you are one of the most "happy, optimistic, joyful, lovely" young ladies I have run across.
Your child is so lucky to be welcomed into such a loving home and loving family.
My prayers and hopes are with you.

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