Hooray! It's the weekend! Wow, I was without internet all day yesterday and it was only one day but it feels like forever! We didn't even have any major storms but my cable company said they were experiencing outages which is weird. I think they were upgrading and adding more lines to the area or something. Anyhow, I'm kicking off the weekend with one of those Home parties. My sister is hosting it and so I'm sure I'll come home with some goodies I can never resist lol! I know that with less than 2 wks left I should be staying close to home but Joe's taking me for a bit of a road trip tomorrow so I can hit up 2 of my all time favorite bead shops. I used to go several times a month but haven't gotten to in a while now so I think it's time to get in some fun bead shopping to keep my creative juices flowing there's always something new to see, I love it! I'm working on getting some pics uploaded so you can see one of the new bridal pieces I've been working on all week long it's gorgeous but a lot of work and it's a HUGE bridal party. I've also been snapping some cute pet pics and my parent's have finally broken ground on their new home! Hooray! So I'm taking pics of the whole process to sort of document the whole thing. Both me and Joe come from a HUGE family of Realtors & Builders and we've been around the whole experience all our lives but it's still exciting especially it being my parents new home, we're all really excited. I think it's too early still to start nagging them to put in a pool but I'm working on it lol! I've already manage to get a baby grand piano promise from them as long as I promise to come over and play whenever they ask lol! I love my Wurlitzer upright to death but it's going to feel like playing in a concert hall on the baby grand lol! Anyhow, it's a very very hot and humid day and forcast calls for lot's of storms so I'm outta here to run some errands (bank, library, groceries, etc) before the party and I'll try to get back on later with pics. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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