Happy 4th of July weekend! I have to say I'm not a big fan of the 4th of July I'm strickly in it for the BBQ's lol! It's going to be a terrific weekend for us and I hope for you too! We are having long weekend of BBQ's. Tomorrow will be fireworks and food at Megan's, Sunday BBQ with friends and family at our house and Monday BBQ with even more friends and family at my parents plus Sunday and Monday night fireworks shows one at my cousin's house out in the country and the other at close friends of the family out in Luna Pier which is a small town not far from here about 15 mins. or so and they have a gorgeous home right on the water so anyways we're looking forward to a nice laid back, fun and food and family and friends weekend! Also I'm excited because I finally got the rest of my scrapbooking supplies so a bunch of us scrapbookers will get to get together while the kids play and the food cooks to go through fun scrapbook stuff! Well we've been running around all morning and afternoon picking up stuff for the weekend etc. Now we just need to pick up a little kiddie pool for our nephews and friends' kids to play and enjoy while the grown ups sit back and enjoy the weekend :) I know many of you are traveling and I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend! I'll try to post some BBQ fun pics and get on for short chats here and there over the weekend! Enjoy!


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