oh la la! That's quite a sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the latest Lampwork pieces I've been working on. This one is using 12 of one of my most favorite beads that I love to make, my Cherries Jubilee set. I love making these I think they are so cute and so I had made a very large set of them before taking my maternity leave from the torch and I've made several of them into charms for friends and family and pendants etc and I had these that I've been hording in my bead bowl still so I once I came upon them I knew I wanted to create this cha cha charm style bracelet with them. It's such a fun bracelet all bold sterling silver and full of my lampwork beads as well as Jade, Aventurine, lot's of Bali sterling beads, Swarovski crystals, a sterling Star charm and a sterling Awareness ribbon charm! It'll be going up on the storefront with all the other new and exciting pieces that I've sneak peeked for you and even more pieces that you haven't seen so stay tuned. The price on this one is $165 and you can email me to claim it now if you can't wait until it makes it's debut.

In other news I've been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to set up our individual mailboxes on our answering machine. One for Joe's Real Estate and one for me in the studio because it would make our lives so much easier instead of having to shuffle through eachother messages not knowing which ones the other has already listened too or not and saving old messages. Plus many of you have agreed it would be easier and less confusing for you guys who like to call and place your orders to know that you are indeed reaching the correct number so bare with me I'm trying to figure it all out. If anyone has any tips on setting these things up I'm all ears because the manual does nothing for me, I follow the steps and still it doesn't work. HELP! Anyhow I'm heading back to work on a very large and very time intensive bridal order the necklace is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous but tedious and very time consuming work, I'll try to get a picture of one of them for you to see soon! Ok so enjoy the sneak peek and the rest of your night! Chat more tomorrow!
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