Monday! Stinking hot Monday...yuk

103 degrees that's what the bank around the corner is flashing up on it's big clock. Yik! The weekend was hotter yet if you can belive it! I spent most of it indoors cleaning and clearing and organizing my studio or out in the cool malls and shoppes. Our road trip to my favorite bead stores was fun we stopped off at a couple of other great little shoppes and because of the heat we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to enjoy sitting out on the deck eating icecream :) So all in all it was a great weekend. How was your weekend? I hope you all were able to stay cool.
We spent a lot of time out at my parents construction site watching the footings going in and being poured and today the garage is being dug out it's all moving along really fast! I've got some more pics of our nephew Giovanni out at the site he was totally mezmerized by the dump trucks and cement truck and the bob cats. He's probably thinking "wow! that's a BIG difference between the ones I play with in my sandbox!" lol. So anyhow here are some more pics I'm going to dig into a big pile of laundry that needs to be folded before settling in to finish saving a few things to discs like pictures etc. I'm going to be re formating my pc soon, it needs it. Plus I we're getting a new laptop this week so we'll each have access as needed since the more Joe's real estate picks up the more time we spend sharing the PC. So I'm really excited to get another pc in the house especially a laptop so I can go wireless. Well have a great day and stay cool!

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Joe with our nephew Giovanni who's turning 2 soon! He's getting so big and tall I call him Mr. Nerdpants because his shorts and pants never seem to last long enough before he starts to outgrown them. This is a perfect example...look at those daisy dukes lol! Too cute!
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Here's Giovanni again with my dad. He was really excited to get to go down in there and really get and up close and personal look at all the equipment.
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Carrie McKinney said…
HEY! I tried calling ya-- making sure the baby hasn't decided to make an appearance yet! Also, we stopped by last Saturday while we were out and about-- you guys weren't home we saw your car at your mom's and I tried to get Mark to stop, but he wouldn't!! Anyhow I miss ya and want to come by and see the baby room before he arrives. Also, are your parents building a house for themselves? Wow that is cool! Good for them if they are. Talk to you soon & loveya!
Star*Girl said…
I'm here! Baby is still in my belly though we did have a false alarm lol! it was quite funny actually :) You should have stopped we were around back BBQ-ing! Yeah the house is for my parents they are finally taking the plunge and going for it. It's going to be gorgeous you guys will have to keep driving by because even though they are going slow because they're not in any big hurry to me it seems like everyday there are huge changes! It's nuts and exciting.

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