Mid week! yowsa!

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I can't belive it's Wed. already! Yet another fitting funny cat animation I couldn't resist since I'm sitting here wire wrapping away while listening to a Baby Einstein CD I love 'em. Joe picked up another one yesterday I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet I think I'll put it in next. Our collection of them and the video's is rapidly growing already lol! I've been running errands all day. Came home with a HUGE and I mean HUGE pile of books from the library so today I'm shifting my time between these orders and finishing up Harry Potter 6 which by the way run out and go get it if you haven't already because it's terrific! What else do I have to share today...um...well...I think that just might be all I have to say. It's a hot and slow going day so I'm staying with the A/C cranking and my raspberry Minute Maid which I've just discovered and am now addicted to. Oh by the way still no luck on the answering machine mailboxes set up I'm still working on it but nothing anyone has suggested works but keep those suggestions coming because I'm willing to try anything, something has got to give sooner or later lol! Well have a great day! Stay cool and I'll chat more later!

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