busy Thursday

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I feel like this hyper cat today. I finished off 2 new necklaces that I've been wanted to do plus 2 more pairs of earrings. One in a threader style and the other in a really rustic design using Sponge Coral and yellow/green Turquoise which is quickly becoming my new favorite shade of Turquoise. The whole afternoon I've been working on pictures of all these new items and the sneak peeks I've posted throughout the weeks and have tweeked them with the photoshop to get them clear and the true color of the pieces to come out and off to Marsha they go to make their debut onto the site. I'm still working on some other lampwork jewelry pieces and have gotten a good start on Noah's scapbook it's looking so adorable and I got 2 more pages done last night so that way all I have to do is add the pictures I want to use after he's born and I won't feel so overwhelmed to want to get it done in a hurry and then I can add to it as he get's older. I'm also going to start a pregnancy one since I have lot's and lot's of week by week pictures and belly shots as I like to refer to them as but I think I'll do that one in a 6 x 6 size memory book instead. I love looking through all these pictures it truely leaves me in complete awe and amazement at all the changes. If you are interested to find even more scapbook stuff besides what you find in your local scrapbooks stores and crafts stores check out QVC.com 's scrapbook section it's huge and chocked full of awesome stuff I can't keep away from it and just got yet another big box delivered last week full of really cool stuff and alot of it is sold in sets and kits in value packs etc. such a bargain! Well I'm outta here for now. Gotta go pick up my mum at the airport but who knows you might hear from me again later if I'm feeling extra chatty.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.comPS. 1 day 7 hrs 15 mins. 42 secs. until HARRY POTTER BOOK 6 COMES OUT!!!!!!


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