Yeesh! sorry for the delayed update it's been a busy week and a gloomy, hot steamy one mixed with storms too so I've tried to stay away from the PC as much as possible because it seems like everytime I actually needed it the power would go in and out. Anyhow so I'll post sneak peeks up here soon. Terrific news for me, I had one last ultra sound this week and the baby is no longer breech!!! He is head down ready to go and with the sweetest face we've ever seen! I can't believe how big he's gotten since 20 wks and he's got huge feet!!!! lol! So I'm feeling relief at knowing we are good to go and really excited tomorrow is the last day of June and July is here!!!! Noah will be here really soon!!! I get so excited just thinking about it. Ok Ok before I get carried away I'm heading off to sort a crystals and clasps shipment and then off get some glue dots for my scrapbooking. I'm finishing up a few things tonight and getting orders packaged up and ready to ship so lot's of goodies are going to be making their way out to their new owners tomorrow! Have a great day!


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