Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday already? where'd the weekend go?

Hey everyone! long time no update but just bare with me because it's going to be another crazy busy week so you may not hear from me too often this week or in short bits at the very best. Hope you had a terrific weekend it was HOT HOT HOT here Saturday was perfect lot's of swinging and relaxing with cold beverages enjoying the day but yesterday was too hot to even spend too much time outdoors, the heat index I think reached 95 degrees! and we had a few storms yesterday so it was more the humidity that was the big complaint but other than that it was a gorgeous weekend. The Relay For Life walk was this weekend there was a HUGE turnout as usual which was fantastic I was unable to walk this year due to sciatic pain plus the heat was out of control but it was terrific all the same. Also two birthdays I have to shout out for today! Happy Birthday to my little nephew Dennis who's 3! And to Marsha!!!!!! (age withheld lol! If you don't remind me I won't remind you lol!)
Well today I'm working on my July wedding orders as much as possible I'm going to play the rest of my orders for August by ear for now because it's hard to predict when exactly I'll have the baby so I'm acting as if there is a rush on all my orders so I can have super fast turn around to ensure they get to you in time. I'm still working on my schedule ideas for after delivery I'm hoping to be able to have a set work schedule where you guys will also be able to reach me by phone for sure while I'm in the studio and then depending on the work I'm doing that day you should be able to catch me unless the torch is cranking in that case it's a toss up. I'm going to be changing my voice mail messages too so I'll have my own message box to avoid any confusion as to who you just called because I know that a lot of you aren't sure if you are leaving a message to the proper number :) So that'll get fixed soon. Anyhow, I'm off for now I have my godchild (one of many) Jack hanging out with me today for a few hours so I'm going to go fold some towels while the little guy cat naps. So I'm off for now! Have a wonderful day!

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