midweek chat

Hey everyone! Just popping in real quick to say Hi! and remind you all that if you are in the Mississippi (Poplarville) area this weekend Sat. is the Blueberry festival and Marsha is running a Jeweled Expressions/ Star Girl Jewelry collaboration beautiful baubles booth so be sure to pop in and check out all the eye candy and say "Hi!" I will be the voice on the other end of the cell phone since I couldn't make it down there I'll be living the day vicariously through Marsha and telephone lol! It's another scorcher here today ugh! It'll be like this all week so I've been getting up earlier to get my outdoor reading and swinging and gardening in before the mercury rises. The evenings are really nice though and the mosquitoes aren't so bad yet. I'll have to get all my citronella lanterns and such out and ready soon though. So anyhow in beady news I'm working on 3 bridal orders and also I've got several new items but they are one of a kind and so they went off to Mississippi for the festival but I'm also working on lot's of new stuff that will be going up soon once things calm down with the festival and baby shower etc. So I'll keep you updated and get a few sneak peeks in here and there! In the mean time have a great day!


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