me again! I'm feeling chatty today!

I'm feeling extra chatty today lol! Here are two sneak peeks that I had uploaded for you to see as well as a few pics of the babies room with some finishing touches. We had a terrific weekend it was extremely hot so we decided to cool off with some shopping so we ended up at Babies R Us and picked me up a rocker for the baby's room and we actually got pretty lucky with only having doubles of 2 things at the shower and they were 2 very big things so we returned them and got our stroller which is the coolest stroller I've ever seen we've been wheeling it around the house and experimenting with all the different things it does it's the peg pereggo P3 Pliko and so far I'm really pleased with it and the primo Viaggio Car seat that it accomodates too. It's all really easy to open/close, fold, adjust, move, carry and the accessories are really cool. So I think we're set now just little things here and there that we keep buying but I think we're ready now lol! Also I got a mother of all boxes in the mail from Marsha chocked full of baby goodies! We were sorting through everything all night! So much cool stuff! Thank you Marsha!!!!!!! Your next mama! lol!
Anyhow I'll leave you with some sneak peek pics and room pics for now I'm off to go get some scrapbooking supplies that I desperatley need, I was supposed to go earlier but I forgot that Joe had a Dr.'s Appt. It's pretty stinking hot again so I may have to sneak off for some ice cream too! lol! Have a great day!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comSwarovski Crystal Briolette hoop earrings- Gorgeous!
Image hosted by Stunning Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings in blues and browns.
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We special ordered this cool bookcase from One Step Ahead, we loved the idea of the safe sling style bookcase and being able to display his fun books in a child friendly way. And this isn't even all of his books!!! lol!


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