long time no chat! sorry!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Father's Day! Sorry I've slacked on the blogging update but we also had a terrific weekend! The weather was great and it was full of lot's of parties, one baby shower and 2 graduations and by the looks of my calendar it will be more of the same this coming weekend as well! Now that my shower has passed I've been doing as much R & R as possible AND I can finally concentrate on all of the bridal orders for July and August so I can get those done and out of here before the baby comes!!! Then I can relax a bit because everyone else is pre ordered at least 4 months ahead for their bridal parties which allows me to not have to rush, whew! In beady news I've got some new Fall/Winter designs in the mix already getting sketched out and planned on, I know I know, who wants to think about Fall or winter already but I like to stay ahead of the game and on top of trends and colors. In book news ELEVEN ON TOP came out today!!!!! woohooo!!!!! I got up way early and headed to target to get me a copy grabbed up all of the gift cards I recieved at my baby shower and figured it was a good excuse to stock up on the rest of little baby needs and snatch up my copy of the newest Plum book!!! On that note I'm going to leave it here because Megan is just a HUGE of a Evanovich fan as me and her and Jack are on their way to hang out for the afternoon with me! Hooray I get baby snuggles and kisses! :) Ok I'm off for now! Have a great day!


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