Tuesday!!! short week woohoo!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!!! I did exactly what I planned on doing and had a wonderful weekend! Lot's of BBQ-ing, shopping, gardening, visiting with friends and family, lot's of reading and SWINGING!!!! hooray!!!! Joe got my swing together and I must say it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and oh my god is it the best swing ever? yes it is!
I got to read the directions so that was my contribution to the project lol! Our weather held up and was terrific all weekend long which was great and allowed for us to really have a lot of outdoor fun and get our flower planted and baskets hung and planters and urns filled with gorgeous flowers now the hard part is keeping them alive because I have to admit I do not have a green thumb at all lol! Well the long weekend is going to make for a short week. This week is going to go by fast being only a 4 day week for us. We got a lot of shower preparations worked on this weekend as well and so this week will be marking things off our to do list and next week will really be the busy one. I made another big post office run today as well so lot's of goodies going out all over, enjoy! I've got all of my Blueberry festival pieces shipped off to Marsha today as well so that's exciting! That will be next week Sat. the 11th so be sure to pop in and say hello if you're in the area I'm going to have Marsha take some pics of the booth and everything so I can post some pics. So anyhow I'm off for now enough of my blabbing and I'm heading in to do some review editing before settling in to put in some work on a few orders so I don't fall behind schedule. Talk to ya more later!


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