Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday chatter ness

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! The baby bunnies are doing great we check on them a couple times a day and today they were all sprawled out laying in the sun all over the backyard our only worry is that a cat or squirrel might get to them so I keep peeking out there to make sure they aren't getting picked on but seriously what can I do I mean our back yard is pretty large and they are all the way at the very back of the property so by the time I hobbled out there I'm thinking it would be too late :) Mama bunny looks like she can hold her own though she's a big girl and she doesn't stray far so that's a good thing at least. In other news I'm finally feeling better, I'm still on the meds though and so I'm guessing that in combo of meds and being in the 3rd trimester now I've noticed myself slowing down quite a bit and multiple cat naps becoming the norm once again just like in the first tri. Fine by me I'll take all the resting I can get lol!
In beady news I made a post office run today so if you recieved shipping confirmation your order is out and on it's way. I've got two bridal orders I'm finishing up this week, I've got more supplies on the way in the next day or two to start two more which probably won't get started until next week and I'm cleaning up the editing on my FA review so I can get that in and start the write up on my novelspot book. I've been reading like a bandit not just books for review but new releases that I've been itching to read. Lot's of terrific reads actually so I'll probably get a readers corner going soon. There are just so many awesome new releases this time of year and my list keeps growing, my trips to the library are increasing and then before I know it there are even more on the way or hitting the shelves! The biggie is Harry Potter : The Half Blood Prince book 6 coming out July 16th I'm estatic and cannot wait!!!! Plus Louise Rennison's newest in the series is coming out at the end of this month and Janet Evanovich's Eleven on Top will be out in June!!!! Now if only the weather would warm up and stay warmed up I can enjoy myself even more sitting outdoors in the shade, curled up with a good book and some lemonade or ice tea, ahhh that's the life! lol! Ok well I'm off for now to go back to my bead work and watching 90210 re-runs so I can get as much accomplished as possible today before the sleepiness catches up with me :) Have a terrific day!!!
PS. Don't forget the contest giveaway is this weekend!!! Friday the 20th is actually my B day!!! and the 21st is my brother Frankie's B day so I have a little extra something heading out with the earrings to who ever wins this week just to celebrate and make it extra fun!

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