Thursday agenda

What's on my agenda for today: a little bit of order filling, a whole lotta Blueberry Festival inventory numbering, organizing, pricing etc and a whole lotta Survivor watching before getting back to some more orders to try and finish up so I can have some time to chill over the weekend. Tomorrow my mom's having a bit of a baby shower prep party at her house so we're ordering pizza's and my cousins Joanne, Cassie and Sarah along with my mom, sister, grandma, me and few other's I"m still not 100% on are going to start working on putting together all of my shower centerpieces, big door prizes and some other secret fun stuff that I won't mention because too many family and friends read this blog and will so try to cheat lol! Still feeling a little on the crappy side it's really just the antibotics making me feel so tired and drained and my throat is still sore but only on one side which I find incredible strange and annoying but anyhow I digress so I'm outta here and off to get some things accomplished. Have a great day!!! I'll try to hop on for another chat later if possible.


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