pretty little makeover :)

Just popping in for a bit to let you know that Marsha has posted the info on the Blueberry Festival on my main page AND my site got a pretty little makeover. Thanks Marsha!!!!! it looks awesome if I do say so myself lol! I've got my voice pretty much back, it was in squeeks and wispers yesterday so I could tell it was trying to come back and today it's better, the sore throat is on the mends too I think the Anitbotics are kicking in little by little so even though I'm still feeling cruddy for the most part I can tell that I'm on the mends so thank you for your well wishes and sweet emails I really appreciate it. I really need to catch up with email messages too so don't think I've forgotten about you. I'm off for now I think I'll nap a bit before working on packaging some things up for shipping. Have a great day!!


wobbeegone said…
Yes and it was a surprise too.
Had I told you I was doing it I'd still be trying to get it done.
What am I trying to say?
It was like a While You Were Out makeover!!
Star*Girl said…
I pranced around all day after you suprised me and then I just left it up on my PC screen so I could look at all day:) Hey how long has it been since you worked your magic and swooped Star Girl into the oh lala of websites? almost a year? over a year?
wobbeegone said…
didn't i just renew your domain name? so it'd have to be a year now.
Star*Girl said…
holy crap your right that was renewed back in March if I remember correctly!! time flies! isn't that nuts!?

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