Monday chat!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a terrific weekend! Our weather wasn't the greatest so we spent a lot of time indoors working on the nursery and shopping that's pretty much what the weekend consisted of. We got the border up, went and ordered our crib and changing table/dresser and got all the accessories and bedding. We originally had registered for all of that but then we thought about how badly it will bug us to have everything else done in the nursery and be missing the bedding so we just grabbed everything lol! It'll be fun finally getting to "dress" it all next week after the furniture comes in. I have some more pictures for you to see below. Sorry they didn't turn out so great I forgot to change the settings on my camera and then didn't have time to take new ones and re upload the better ones yet. In beady news I have a few more necklace designs started up so I'll try to get those finished up and maybe a sneak peek or two of those and I'm going to try and get a few other goodies done before the next update as well. Now I'm off to go grab the mail. It should be a good mail day with some new supplies to sort through so I can get going on some more of these bridal orders and get those out later this week if all goes well with my scheduling. I'm off for now, I hope you have a terrific day!
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