Monday already? where'd the weekend go?

I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a really terrific Birthday weekend. Friday Joe had to work but the plan was to spend the day with my parents and have my Dad cook me a B-day dinner but then he got called into work later that evening and I know he felt bad but he still cranked up the grill and fired me up some shrimp skewars, grilled salmon, BBQ chicken and then headed in to whip up some of my favorite lentil soup so me and my mom still had a feast while poor dad had to head to work. Then my mom took me shopping and out for icecream got back in time for the Daytime Emmy's and Megan and Jack came over my house and spent the rest of the evening with me watching the Emmy's and movies, Megan got me the new Louise Rennison book!!!! THANKS MEG!!!! You may have heard me blog about how I've been anticipating it's release so I'm spending all day today reading lol! Saturday it was 100% gorgeous and warm out so Joe and I got up early and spent the entire day doing everything outdoors, hanging out with the neighbors, lounging around, cleaning out the car, BBQ-ing our meals and hanging out on the deck reading and then went for icecream and a nice evening drive. Sunday (yesterday) had an even bigger b-day feast at my parents house for me and my brother complete with turtle fudge brownie cake (drool and double drool) and opening presents. I made out pretty good :) Joe bought me a huge new outdoor swing that matches the chaisse lounge he got me last year and it is soooo cool it's almost like a futon where it reclines or you can have it fold completly down and this pillow flips out and it's like this huge bed/hammock like thing that swings it's awesome but of course it supposed to rain all week so I won't get to enjoy it till next weekend and I'm sure it won't be very fun for Joe to put together but I can't wait I don't think I'll ever come indoors again lol! I also got some more summer tops and capris that were much needed. My parents got me another really awesome bag I've been wanting and shoes to match they are really pretty and in my favorite summer apple green and wheat colored linen and also a really pretty and comfy nightgown and robe set perfect for summer and my dress for my baby shower. My sister got me a bunch of really pretty summer tops so I'm thinking I'm pretty much set except for a couple of skirts I've had my eye on lol! I also got really generous gifts of money from my grandma, uncle and parents and I have a pretty good idea what that money is going towards. Plus as my b-day week continues this morning I got breakfast in bed, my latest craving for some strange reason has been Mcdonalds hashbrowns and OJ strange because up until this past week I haven't had Mcdonals in at least 8 yrs and strange because with not being able sleep so well to begin with it's apparently the only thing worth getting up that early for lol! So there you have it I've had a wonderful Birthday weekend and now it's gloomy, thundering with rain I'm not bumming about it though as much as I'd like to be out on my swing it's one of those days where I'm just as content cozied up with a book or stringing jewelry orders watching the rain and listening to the thunder so that's what I'm off to do now. Have a great day!


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