midweek chat

It's a gorgeous day here Mi. chilly but sunny. Joe's had seminar's this week so rather than work my usual schedule of filling orders while he's at work in the evening I've been busting my behind durring the day while he's gone and I manage to get sooooo much done this week! woohoo! Big post office run will happen tomorrow. Lot's of sparklies going out brides this week. I'm just about finished with my Blueberry festival inventory organization and packaging so I'll be shipping all that down to Marsha also and then I'll be able to relax a little and start to work on some new items that I've started and some that I've sketched out and am itching to get going on. It's such a busy time of year! I'm hoping the weather keeps warming up because that always seems to help. I had totally forgotten that this weekend is a holiday weekend so I'm really looking forward to that and having Joe around with an extra day off that means I can add a few more things to his to do list lol! Actually the only "to do" I'm caring about right now is getting my new swing put together to enjoy over the weekend, looks like scattered showers are the prediction but I think for the most part I'd get to enjoy it throughout the weekend. In baby news: Two of my cousins had their babies yesterday!!! both girls, both healthy and happy and both named Sophia :) It's all so exciting especially because they were both only 8 wks ahead of me and 8 wks will surely fly by quickly especially once my shower has come and gone so I'm really excited!!!!!! I'm off for now. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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