Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy B- day to Me!!!
I usually detest my b-day and the notion of getting older but getting spoiled rotten seems to help it go down better this year lol! Joe's working today but my parents do a whole favorite dinner thing for me and my brother (who's b day is tomorrow) and then on Sunday we do a big BBQ, cake and icecream fiasco with more presents and it doesn't stop there cause me and Joe always celebrate everything in weeks like Anniversary week, B-day week etc. so it's like a Hannukah of B-days and we do little special things everyday for the whole week just to make it special. We're goofy I know. So anyhow the sun is shining and it's beautiful out so I'm heading out to the deck to read and relax and wait for Joe to bring me out lunch, hehe!


Carrie said…
HEY GIRL!! HAPPY B-DAY OLD LADY!! I don't have a pic of you for my blog!! I may have to run over and snap one of you and your big belly LOL!!!I tried to call u yesterday! I have to tell u something!! Too funny..about GP. Okay call me later LOVE YA!
wobbeegone said…
Happy Birthday again and a day later.

Can we clone Joe?

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